About Us

Firstly we are a Publishing House which refers to first-time market entry authors, young authors, and authors looking to prospect the market using our expertise and experience in the industry, by choosing our services and marketing tools to promote their books. We offer new and modern ways to publish your idea. Secondly, we love to help. Therefore, we also implement a marketing and management plan by having a Coaching program suitable for every kind of customers. It’s not enough to offer an opportunity but to share the necessary ”know-how” you have together with your customers. Hence, by showing how can we work together, will create a win-win machinery we like to call Performance.
Performance Publishing Coaching Ltd is a London-based publishing house, creative branding and graphic design agency that understands your business challenges and listen to your needs. Our goal is to offer affordable solutions, create remarkable brands and attracting websites for individuals and businesses that are searching for talented and reliable professionals to manage their marketing and publishing campaigns. We offer all types of online marketing such as graphic design services, social media marketing, printing and distribution of leaflets, business cards, pull up banners and posters, books and magazines publishing with marketing and sales services for books, ISBN registration Agency for London, business coaching and mentoring programs for Startup and Small to Medium Businesses.
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